How It's Made

How It's Made

comparison of my first work against my latest

Time lapse video of a 21 hour illustration

These 15 slides took approximately 15 hours to hand draw. Step-by-Step creation of the sample page:

How long does each page take?

Short Answer: 30+ Hours

Each page is drawn by hand with a .5 mm mechanical pencil then converted into a vector file on a computer. 50% of my time is spent pencil to paper, the other 50% is spent trying to get the digital version to look like my pencil drawing

Why did I keep doing it?

I Enjoy It & Knew a Few People Who Liked Coloring The Finished Pages

After high school I didn't draw for 5 years. While in college I thought it would be fun to pick it up again. I drew 7 pages. 2 years later my wife gave those pages to a friend's kids on a whim. 6 months later those kids requested more. There were no more. Having these few fans was enough to start me on my alphabet project which is now being published into a book.

How long have I been doing it?

High School (2004-ish)

I have always thought tribal tattoos & zoomorphic calligraphy were beautiful & loved the idea of distilling animals into a few simple lines. In high school I thought it would be cool to place these items together & fill the space between them to obscure the primary objects. 10 years later my technique has been refined as I've practiced & become more consistent.